Growing Your Landscaping Business Faster and Better

I don’t know if you have discovered this truth yet, but there may be a reason that a guys lawn is a foot tall. Just because the yard needs mowing that doesn’t make him a potential customer. In the beginning, I would only advertise to landscaping clients with obvious lawn care issues. They obviously need my services, so they are the ones I should market to and not the guy with the nicely trimmed lawn. Right? I learned better as I grew through that first year.

I would often spend long hours doing discounted clean-ups. I would then give them discounted service rates because they didn’t want to pay my already low landscaping prices. I practically had to beg them to service their home. When I would send the bill, they were often slow pays or no pays. Then suddenly, after a couple of months “I got the “we decided to do it our self” speech, so please just mail us the final bill. WTF? Why?

how to get more lawn service customers

Its not 100% science, but, it is logical that if they cared about having a nice lawn AND they could afford the expense of maintaining a nice lawn, then they would have a nice lawn. Therefore, you can conclude that MANY of the best clients are already spoken for and the only way to get them is to capitalize on your opportunities.

I’m not saying run out and start stealing clients from your competition! That is a poor business practice that will only lead you down the wrong path. You should know by now that there are a whole heap of ways to screw up a lawn care customer other than poor cut quality. That’s why the best way to find newer more outstanding customers is the law of attraction. If someone is really looking for your service, where do they go? Google (and now Facebook.) However, getting the phone call from being #1 on Google for lawn care isn’t the only part of the equation.

If you want the best clients, you must perform as the best lawn service. Follow the tips in this blog and others across the internet. Give top quality maintenance, give top scheduling, give top-level customer service, use good equipment and do everything with a touch of excellence! Then you’ll see the better clients start to trickle in until they are pouring in!

How to Grow Your Lawn Care Service Business

how to grow your lawn care business

  • Step 1: Come up with a unique opening line. This opening phrase is geared toward getting their motor going: the more honest and blatant the better.“It’s hot outside and you don’t want to cut your lawn, so call us instead.”“The family is getting together; it’s time to get the lawn together. We do clean-ups at a reasonable rate. Come check out one of our packages.”“Having equipment failure? We offer short term service visits until you can get things together. The number is ____”“Having a party this weekend? Call now and we can be there within 1 business day”I suggest you brainstorm about 100 of these and store them away in a drawer somewhere for future lawn care marketing campaigns. Each one of these phrases should target a specific need or problem that prospective clients might have. You are placing your company directly between the customer and their needs. Can you see why a potential lawn care customer would call you?
  • Step 2: Find out what key phrases the potential clients in a given area are looking for in their lawn care service. In other words, what do people want to know about a lawn care company they are about to hire?Here is a list of common phrases people like to hear:Family, Minority, or Women Owned & OperatedIn Business Since XXXXLicensed and InsuredFree EstimatesFast Service TimeClockwork SchedulesServing Clients in Your AreaI know what you’re thinking, “I’ve heard all these phrases before and few not on the list.” That’s because they work. These pacifier phrases satisfy the basic inhibitions a client might have at the moment they are looking for a lawn company. They want to know these things and so you tell them. This makes your conversation and meeting shorter because they already pretty much know what they want to know about your company.
  • Step 3: Give them THE way of contacting you. I used to put 2 phone numbers, an email address, a website, a fax, an emergency number, and library card# in case the customer wants to call. I mean the more ways to contact you, the better…right? Nope. Now I stick to the two most relevant contacts for the advertising piece I am using. If they’re on-line give them an email and a phone; or a phone and a website; or website and email. If this is a mailer or door hanger piece, just leave a phone and website for more info. In general, the more ways you give them only complicates the transaction. Complications slow the momentum of the bull. This is bad.
  • Step 4: Get out of the wayHelp your customer get signed up for the services they already want by being presumptive and asking for their business. With this method, you will find little if any need for drawn out sales pitches and the repetitive, “Can you see how this meets your needs? Then let’s get you signed up.” They have already seen how your product or service fits their needs, just get them signed up!

    Creative Lawn Business Marketing

    Find as many creative ways as you can to not talk. Your focus should be on getting their contact information, hearing their needs, and scheduling their first service.

    With front-heavy matador marketing in place your sales pitch turns into order taking duties. Your customer’s won’t be shopping you anymore, they will calling to set up service.

    The key to closing more deals lies with marketing and not the one-to-one sales approach. The technique I use to close deals is simple, I get out of the clients way! I call it the matador approach. You create a bull customer with your marketing and then get of their way when they get there. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Let’s just be honest, more than likely you are not going door-to-door asking for business so why are you using door-to-door tactics? In door to door, you are relying heavily on your ability to sell yourself and then the product.  In the matador approach, the focus is on the product or service and the customer needs: the order taker is just an afterthought. Here’s an overview of the system;

11 Tragic Errors That May Be Holding Your Lawn Care Business Back

You feel like you’ve done everything you are supposed to do in your lawn care business, but you’re not getting the results you want. This blog entry is going to give you some of the most common errors you may be committing and not even know.

Your effort sucks! You expect way too much reward for the minimal amount of effort you have put in to your lawn care company; the two are absolutely proportionate. In a for-profit business, your effort is measured directly against your bank account so get used to it and put in more work because you suck right now!

how to run a successful lawn care business

You make poor choices every day! Are you making your everyday business decisions based on improving your company’s financial position for tomorrow? I don’t think you are, because otherwise you should have seen growth.

You’re always late and do sub-par work when you get there.  No one wants to contract your services because you are no good at providing them!  Customers that are attracted to your marketing are repulsed by your service.  On the bright side you won’t have to be embarrassed much longer because you’ll be out of business pretty soon.

You blame the customers instead of yourself!  If your current clients are not good clients, then go find new clients!  It’s not their job to sustain your business and family needs, that guy you’re looking for is in the mirror.  If you’re having constant client complaints, again see the guy in the mirror.

You and your work force look like slobs! Get a non-white uniform shirt. Invest in a belt so they don’t have to see your holy place.  Keep a towel nearby in case God forbid, the client wants to talk with you! Also, at least look like you know what you’re doing.  Commit to having some form of procedure for cutting the lawn.  The more militant you look outside of the truck the better.

building a lawn care business


You are afraid to ask for the sale.  You’re waiting for the client to tell you they want your services, try showing some nards and ask for their business.  It sounds like this, When do I start? or better yet You look like you could use a cut today. Why don’t I take care of you while I’m here?

You’re charging clients too much and they are canceling to go with a cheaper service! Yes, you have overhead, but you still need to charge a fair rate for your services.  Stop taking out your financial frustrations on the customer, because they will leave you.

You’re not charging your clients enough and now you can’t afford your labor costs! Boohoo!  Who told you to go out and low-ball to get ahead? You’re over-ambitious, lack respect for your work and trade, and have little concern for the welfare of the other landscapers in your area.  I see a sinking ship, but you don’t have to go down with it.

You believe that no one can do the job better than you, so why bother hiring help?  Then, when you do hire help, you train them poorly; you treat them poorly; and then pay them poorly.  Your workers often leave your company extremely upset and offended. Truth be told, you’re a terrible boss!

You’re asking yourself what you’re doing wrong instead of asking your clients! Stop wasting your time racking your head and go to the source!  Are you afraid of what you might find out?  Send out a survey for your clients to fill out. If a customer tells you that you suck and they hate your company, ask them, “Why?” Then fix the problem because again, you suck right now!

You’re afraid of your own success aren’t you? You’re peeping around the corners, throwing up blockades, and doing everything you can to keep it from coming your way. You’re making excuses about the cost of labor, and equipment, and advertising costs. You’re calling it a day early, not going out at all, starting trouble with your workers just to avoid it her. All the while Success is staring you in the face like, “WTH? I thought you wanted me? WTF?” Don’t forget how many other hungry young lawn care start-up companies want her as well. You better put a ring on her finger!