How to Get Higher Lawn Mowing Prices in 2018

Many landscapers wonder how much they can charge for the mainstay of their operations: Lawn maintenance. I’ll try to give you some good ideas, but the subject can be quite complicated. However, there is an art to selling which makes the following factors quite important. However, here is the short version;

Lawn Care Service Prices

Lawn Care Prices

  • First, make a good impression. Keep a spare, clean company lettered shirt for talking to clients. Listen to what the potentional client has to say about their wants before jumping into the conversation about what you think they need.
  • Get a foothold in wealthier neighborhoods and do a better job than your competitors.The higher paying (larger home) customers in the area will come to you.
  • Have confidence in your abilities and don’t be afraid to show it. However, don’t talk trash about your competitors. Instead focus on your company’s postive aspects.
  • And finish with this last step; ASK for more money. Customers understand that the price of everything goes up. If your company can’t net at the minimum 15% net after all expenses (including paying yourself and yo0ur health insurance) your mowing prices need to go up.

First Impressions Matter on Lawn Services Care Prices


The first impression someone has of you is always important, no matter what the situation is. To create a positive impression, it is important to be well spoken, well dressed, and to show uplandscaper first impressions on time for your appointment at your client’s home. Homeowners will let it slide if you have a solid reason, but do not rely on your ability to make up excuses. I’ve had to tell my clients that I was sorry on more than one occasion, because I had spent too much time at the last appointment. In order to present a good physical impression, then have your company logo placed on a nice clean shirt and take the time to print some good looking business cards. These things are all a part of marketing. I purchase my business cards for $10 for 500 cards at and spend much less than QuickBooks price of $35 for 100 cards. In addition, have a logo on a nice looking vehicle when you arrive.

Your Equipment Affects Your Mowing Prices

However, if you can’t afford a good looking truck yet, just park where the customer won’t get a look at it. I don’t deliver my estimates on the spot. Instead, I email them later using a program on QuickBooks.lawn care truck However, if you aren’t using a computer-based program and write them up by hand, by all means hand a copy of your estimate to your customer before you leave. Finally, even if you don’t use a pen and tablet of paper, bring one along with you. It helps you to look more professional. You must know what you are doing if you are holding a tablet, right? I just carry a clipboard and some blank paper when I arrive. You can use this set up to take notes when you are working on the price of lawn care.

To be respectful, I don’t park in the driveway and choose to park in the street instead. I always use the walkway, if one is present. If you are hoping to be their lawn care service provider, it’s not a good idea to start out by trampling their flowers and walking across their lawn.

Look at Their Landscaping

When you first show up to a property where you intend to make an estimate, observe your surroundings. A person’s house, cars, lawn, etc. can tell you a lot about them and assist you with the sale if you have something to work off of. It will also give you something to talk to them about. Basic and essential information can be discovered just by being observant.

Guide to Lawn Care Price Lists

Less Exspensive Home:

lawn service provider giving estimate

You show up at a prospective customer’s home and notice an old run-down vehicle in the driveway, trash all over the year, and a house in dire need of repair. If I saw a house like this, it’s a good bet that they are looking for the best deal they can find. You can forget about selling them any additional services since they probably won’t want the lawn to be cut very often. However, you can get a job like this done very quickly since they probably won’t be expecting a lot. You could probably get this job if you really needed to find some jobs for your company. I would price this job according to the observations listed above to win the bid. They’d get the low price quote they want from me, but I wouldn’t waste too much of my time.

More Expensive Home:

However, if you show up to a property that is obviously well-cared for, see a sparkling Mercedes parked in the driveway, and an immaculately manicured law, then you would work quite differently. This type of person will be working for someone who they believe will do a nice job every time they show up and they will be more likely to pay out an additional amount of money to ensure that they don’t have to worry about their lawn. While I was trying to make the sale, I would focus on the high quality of work my company delivers, make an attempt to sell them extra services, and, in general, price this job higher than I would price the last one.

How to Meet and Greet a Lawn Care Service Customer

Once you have evaluated the outside of the home and gotten an idea of their expectations, then it is time to knock on the door and meet them. Assess their character and make them comfortable with you. If they like to joke, it’s fine to joke with them a little. However, just give them the facts, if they are more straight forward and to the point. People are more likely to hire someone who appeals to them on a personal level. Be confident. Once you have established a connection, talk to them about which greeting the landscaping customertypes of services for their lawn they are considering. Does their irrigation system require maintenance? Is there lighting in their landscaping that should be checked on? Does a water feature need to be cleaned out? Carefully listen to the needs they talk about so you can put these into your estimate and specifically include the services that your company can provide to them. Listen to the things that seem most important to them and use this information when you are creating your estimate. Your job is to let them know about the services you provide, which areas you service, and other details about your company. Let them know that you want to do an inspection of their property and that you will return when it is done.

Establishing Lawn Care Prices

Proceed to make an estimate once you understand the types of things the customer wants to have done on their landscape. This is the tricky part. You must have an accurate understanding of your regular business overhead so you can calculate a more accurate estimate. Your overhead might not be as lowclosing the landscaping contract as you think even if you have purchased your landscaping equipment at a low cost and are not responsible for making monthly payments. When equipment for lawn care is used, it requires more time for maintenance, replacement parts, and other upkeep. Time spent doing this costs you money. Do not restrict your estimate to only the things that your customer has asked for. You should also include quotes on the things that you believe they need in addition. They may agree with you and purchase those additional services as well.

How to Close a Deal on Landscaping Services

Make your sales pitch to your customer once you have completed the estimate. Talk to them about all of the problems that you have found when you did your inspection and talk to them about how you can fix them. Make sure to completely answer their questions. Of course, if you are new to the business, you won’t be able to answer every single question. But, make sure that you don’t simply tell them that you do not know the answer. You can tell them that you are not sure what to do inmaking the lawn care sale this particular case, but that you will get back to them with a complete answer. Once you have had time to do your research, then you can return to get them the right answer that they require. You will appear much more professional if you do this. Keep in mind that you are much less likely to make the sale if you seem like you don’t know what you are doing. After all, why should they pay someone who does not know what they are doing? They can be the bumbling idiot wandering around applying fertilizer instead of you. You must appear to be an expert in your field and present yourself as a confident business person. You are already looking very good with your business cards, embroidered shirt, and nice shiny truck. It is time to talk the talk and walk the walk. People have to start somewhere, but you should not worry because you will figure it out over time.

Following Up With the Landscape Customer

landscaper customer follow upIf you say you will get back with the potential client in a day or two, make sure you actually do. If possible, get back with them sooner. People are so used to contractors not following through on what they say. If they are taking multiple bids on their landscaping and you get back with them the quickest you will probably get the contract. Appearing, and actually being reliable is the key to getting more customers. Call them up and ask them “Did you get my email with the contract? Do you have any questions?” Then ask them the most important question “When would you like me to start?” If you want the job, ask for the job. Sometimes it is just that simple.