Buying Lawn Franchise vs Starting Your Own

Are you an entrepreneur that is interested in starting a lawn care business? Do you know the best way to go about this? Have you ever thought how to start a lawn service versus a lawn care franchise? A lawn care franchise is when you buy into a business where the idea and the business is already formed. We are going to talk about buying a landscaping franchise versus starting your own business.

Lawn Care Franchises

First of all a franchise is a business that is already proven to work. It does man starting his own lawn businessnot matter in what area that the business lawn maintenance is set up it will still be successful. When you are starting your own business you are going in blind. This means that you are taking a risk on the business. It will be a 50/50 chance if the business will be a success or not.

Buying a Landscaping Franchise

When you buy into a lawn care business franchise you will receive support and guidance. You will have a business plan already implemented and in place. This is not to say that the business will never fail. It is just saying that the plan for success is there. When you start your own business you will have to come up with all of the plans for yourself. You will not have the guidance of those who have already been where you are at.

Franchise Support

The support that is offered when you start a lawn care franchise is much like holding a baby’s hand when it is learning how to walk. The franchise will be there to walk you through every step as you are getting the business going. They will direct you in the right direction from the very beginning and until you are knowledgeable on the whole idea of a lawn care franchise. On the other hand you will be missing out on some rewards of putting your whole back into a lawn care business that you have started all by yourself and being able to grow that business further then you are able to with a lawn care franchise.

Franchise Name Recognition

A lawn care franchise comes with a name that is already known. It comes with a reputation that is already known by people needing lawn care. This may allow you to start out charging more then you may if you have started your own business that no one has heard of.

Franchise Start Up Fee

A lawn care franchise does come with a startup fee that can be more expensive. It may even cost more then it would be to start up your own lawn care business. The thing you have to look at is this. Do you pay more and have the support and guidance of a lawn care franchise or do you pay less money to start your own lawn care business and take the risk every new business owner takes.

How Many Franchises in Area?

Before you decide which way to go you should get as much information on the lawn care franchise as you can. Find out how many businesses have been started in your area with the lawn care franchise. Having to many businesses from a lawn care franchise in any area can reduce the chance of success.

Franchise Agreements

Read the agreement that the lawn care franchise offers you. Ask as many questions as you can think of. Make sure what their clause is if you want to get out of the business at a later date. See what penalties will be if you decide to sell the lawn care franchise back. It is always a good idea to contact a lawyer to read any contracts before you agree to them.

Weighing Franchise Advantages

As you see there is a lot to consider when you are thinking about either going with a lawn care franchise or starting an independent business. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. You will have to decide which way will benefit you more. If you feel that you would like the support with a lawn care franchise then it is the best way to go. If you feel like you can handle all that comes your way on your own then by all means start your own business.

What it comes down to when buying a lawn care franchise versus starting your own lawn service business is what works for you personally.

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